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    The Effects of Advertisements on Teenagers
    null    2003, 19 (5): 107-110.  
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    On Product-different Pricing Strategy of Hotel Rooms from Revenue Management Perspective
    ZHAO Guang-xin(Yuntian Hotel Co.Ltd.of Gansu Investment Group,Lanzhou 730046,China)
    null    2018, 34 (3): 118-124.  
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    Product-different pricing has now become one of the most important management strategies in improving hotel's pricing mevhanism as well as increasing hotel's revenue. Based on the revenue management theory,this paper clarifies the connotation of revenue m
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    Statistics and Analysis on the Relationship between the Investment of Fixed Assets and Economic Growth in China Based on ARDL Model
    ZHAO Yu (School of Statistics, Lanzhou Commercial College, Lanzhou 730020, China)
    null    2009, 25 (1): 106-109.  
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    The article analyzed the relationship between investment and economic growth in China based on the thought of simple-to-general approach.From 1980 to 2006 year's data,the issue found that there is a long remarkable two-way relationship between investment
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    Zero-inflated Loss Count Models and Their Applications
    MENG Sheng-wang,WANG Wei (School of Statistics,Renmin University of China,Beijing 100872,China)
    null    2011, 27 (1): 1-7.  
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    Under many circumstances,loss count data appears to be both zero-inflated and long-tailed,and this will make the usual models such as Poisson regression models unsuitable to fit the data properly.The paper discusses some important zero-inflated models,inc
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    Global Value Chain:About Literature Summary
    CHEN Liu - qin (Institute of Urban Economy,Tianjin Academy of Social Science, Tianjin 300191 ,China)
    null    2009, 25 (5): 22-32.  
    Abstract606)      PDF (916KB)(424)      
    This article summarized the global value chain concept forming process,global value chain s dual actuation mechanism,the economy rents production and assignment in the global value chain,global value chain s government pattern,and industrial upgrading und
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    Bilateral Markets:A Notional Literature Summarization
    WANG Na , TAN Li - wen ( Insitute of Strategic Management, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, China)
    null    2010, 26 (2): 26-33.  
    Abstract557)      PDF (592KB)(407)      
    Bilateral markets, a "new" member in the industrial economic organization, has still not any mature research in the theory circle. Based on a comprehensive analysis on the basic theory of bilateral market in the current academic research, this paper studi
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    Modern Organization Management Should Play the Role of Negative Incentive
    null    2005, 21 (2): 49-51.  
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    Research on Innovation of Xiaomi's Profit Model
    LI Hong-yu;NAN Xing-heng(School of Accounting,Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics,Lanzhou 730020,China)
    null    2019, 35 (3): 108-116.  
    Abstract727)      PDF (1395KB)(382)      
    Different from traditional industry,the profit model of Internet companies is in an evolving process under the influence of driving factors and isinnovative.Xiaomi's rise in the post-Internet era is staggering.After four years of entrepreneurship,it has b
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    The Construction of Guangdong-Hong kong-Macao Greater Bay Area:Theoretical Basis,Current Problems and Enlightenment from International Experience
    ZHANG Sheng-lei(Social and Cultural Institute,Macau University of Science and Technology,Macau 999078,China)
    null    2018, 34 (5): 12-21.  
    Abstract788)      PDF (1093KB)(354)      
    When the process of global economic integration is accelerating,the interconnection and interaction between China and other countries in the world has become unprecedentedly close.At the same time,due to the profound changes in the global economic develop
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    The Construction of Compliance for Private Investment in Public Equity——From the Perspective of Protecting the Interests of Minority Shareholders 
    QIAN Chen, WU Hong
    Journal of Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics    2021, 37 (5): 92-99.  
    Abstract598)      PDF (6027KB)(353)      
    AbstractPrivate Investment in Public EquityPIPEis a relatively new mode of financing in China. Nocomplete regulatory documents have been issued. Howeverdue to its characteristics of easily constituting insider trading and harming the interests of minority shareholdersthere are considerable compliance risks that must arouse regulatory attention. The compliance construction of PIPE in China should pay attention to the interests of minority shareholdersin which there are two strategies. One is to balance the interests of all partiesincluding the terms of the agreement to ensure the interests of minority shareholders and performance compensation commitments to minority shareholderswhich can fundamentally reduce the occurrence of disputes. The other is to pay attention to the compliance of information disclosure and take the initiative to report important information to the regulatory authorities for increasing the trans⁃ parency of transactions and reducing the possible securities violations such as insider trading.
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    Research on the Synergy Measurement of Ecological Protection and High-quality Development in the Yellow River Basin
    HAN Jun, WEI Nan-nan, YAN Xiao-feng
    Journal of Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics    2022, 38 (1): 45-59.  
    Abstract514)      PDF (1371KB)(341)      
    Based on the synergistic mechanism framework of ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin,this paper analyzes the degree of correlation and synergy between the two and preliminarily explores the expansion of the synergistic discussion from qualitative analysis to quantitative research. The results show that ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin promote and restrict each other. The level of correlation between the two is medium or above. The level of ecological protection is generally average,and fluctuates steadily during the sample period with the distribution characteristics of "that in midstream is better than one in upstream and that in upstream is better than one in downstream". The level of high-quality development is not high,and the fluctuations increase slightly during the sample period,and the regional distribution pattern is related to the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" to the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period,which has obvious phase characteristics. Ecological protection and high-quality development are not coordinated and have been in a low-level coupling stage with a high coupling degree and low synergy. Gansu Province has the highest degree of coupling and the lowest degree of synergy. Shandong Province has the highest degree of synergy. The degree of synergy is closely related to the level of high-quality development and has obvious regional and phase characteristics.
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    Journal of Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics    2021, 37 (1): 32-45.  
    Abstract873)      PDF (1266KB)(318)      
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    A Review of Research on Technical Efficiency Based on Stochastic Frontier Model
    LI Jun-lin(School of Economics,Wuhan Textile University,Wuhan 430200,China)
    null    2019, 35 (5): 7-14.  
    Abstract710)      PDF (1121KB)(317)      
    This paper reviews the advancement of the technical efficiency measurement method that is based on the frontier production function. The study looks into the development stages of the frontier production function and the stochastic frontier production fun
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    Fair Value and Historical Cost Analysis on the Impact of Accounting
    LI Hong
    null    2012, 28 (4): 0-.  
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    Construction of the System of Sharing the Cost of Raising Children in View of a Comprehensive Two-Child Policy
    LV Chun-juan(Law School,Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics,Lanzhou 730020,China)
    null    2019, 35 (4): 75-83.  
    Abstract632)      PDF (1177KB)(311)      
    With the rapid development of China's economy and social transformation,the cost of raising a child is increasing,especially in city.The traditional perception and the state rules all attribute the cost of raising a child to the family,making the family b
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    Dispute Settlement Mechanism of Chinese Investment in Africa: from the Perspective of Commercial Mediation
    YANG Fu-xue(College of Law and Political Science,Zhejiang Normal University,jinhua 321004,China)
    null    2019, 35 (1): 109-116.  
    Abstract603)      PDF (1143KB)(309)      
    Chinese investors are used to waiting for the Chinese government to settle investment disputes in Africa,which is not conducive to the development of other relief channels.The surge in investment in Africa since 2017 has made the effective settlement of i
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    Impact Mechanism of MNCs’ R & D Investment on China’ s Regional Innovation System
    ZHANG Yong-kai ( School of Agriculture & Forestry Economic and Management, Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics, Lanzhou 730020, China)
    null    2014, 30 (4): 63-71.  
    Abstract527)      PDF (1339KB)(284)      
    This paper explains the impact of R&D globalization on regional innovation system in host country from the perspective of global innovation network .And then it analyzes the status and develop-ment trend of MNCs’ R&D investment in China ,and it points out
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    Land Finance,Urbanization and Economic Growth
    LI Guang-long;FAN Xian-xian(School of Economics,Anhui University,Hefei 230601,China)
    null    2018, 34 (5): 1-11.  
    Abstract603)      PDF (1425KB)(280)      
    Land finance is one of the important factors affecting urbanization and the development of national economy.Based on the provincial panel data from 2000 to 2015,this paper establishes the panel simultaneous equation to test the relationship between land f
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    Narration Style of New Realism in JIA Zhang - ke' s Film
    LIU Rui ,(School of Art, Lanzhou Commercial College, Lanzhou 730020, China)
    null    2007, 23 (1): 121-123.  
    Abstract583)      PDF (181KB)(273)      
    The quality of New Realism, a film innovation idea rising in Italy from 1940s, is following concerning reality, with ordinary person as dramatis personae, narration style with simple without magnificence. Because of affecting film theory of new realism na
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    Journal of Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics    2021, 37 (1): 1-6.  
    Abstract906)      PDF (1176KB)(270)      
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